December, 2014

Kombucha (E) or (FP)

December 28, 2014 lenabosafarm Energising Recipes (E)RecipesTrim Healthy Mama

We sell both sugar and honey SCOBYs in our webstore.  We also sell organic Oolong and White Tea. KOMBUCHA Because the SCOBY eats the sugar or honey, there should be very little, if any, left when you drink it, thereby making it FP.  However, if you drink it early and it has not finished up […]


Berry and Apple Kvass (E)

December 11, 2014 lenabosafarm Energising Recipes (E)RecipesTrim Healthy Mama

I made Berry and Apple Kvass this week. Another fermented drink full of probiotics.  For Trim Healthy Mamas, I would think this would be an E, but it may not contain a lot of sugars, so could be FP. My afternoon tea, Berry and Apple Kvass, Secret Agent Brownie Cake, and strawberries. Chop one apple […]


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