May, 2015

Natural Decongestant Rub

May 25, 2015 lenabosafarm Uncategorized

A delicious smell is coming from my workbench – a blend of essential oils designed to help clear the airways, ease chesty coughs, and calm a distressed, sick child so they can sleep.  Eucalyptus, peppermint, camphor – those herbal oils that shout “wintertime!” Years ago, when my oldest children were little I became dissatisfied with […]


Homemade Drinking Chocolate/Mocha

May 22, 2015 lenabosafarm Uncategorized

To make your own hot chocolate powder mix 9 Tablespoons Erythritol* with 1Tablespoon Cacao* or Cocoa. To make Mocha just add coffee – adjust the amount depending on how strong you like it. Both drinks are delicious made with hot water and some fresh cream! *In stock at our webstore


Getting Started with THM

May 22, 2015 lenabosafarm Trim Healthy Mama

I believe you can do THM without any special ingredients – just sort your normal foods into S and E for every meal, cut out sugar and refined grains, learn to prepare your grains properly (soak, sprout or ferment), and cut out pre-packaged foods. Eat heaps of veges – organic if possible, and grass-fed meat, […]


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