Banana Loaf (S or CO)

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My new Baking Blend has arrived, and this morning I tried it out with two recipes.  The first one is Banana Loaf.  I made two loaves, with 2 bananas and 1/2 cup cows’ milk.  This would equate to 1 banana and 1/4 cup milk per loaf.  So I think the amount of carbs in a slice would be pretty small, but don’t know the actual numbers.  To make it without carbs use banana essence and almond milk.  You will also need to play around with amounts of wet to dry ingredients, as you won’t have the banana pulp.


120g butter (softened)

1c Xylitol*

2 eggs

2 mashed bananas (about 1 cup)

1 t vanilla essence

2c Baking Blend*

1/2 c milk

1/2 t baking soda (dissolve in the milk)

1/4 c Lily’s Chocolate Chips* (optional)

*Ingredients available from our webstore

Cream butter and Xylitol.  Add eggs, banana and vanilla and mix well.  Alternatively add some of the Baking Blend, then some of the milk with baking soda dissolved in it, mix after each addition until all ingredients mixed in.  Pour into 2 loaf tins and bake 180 degrees celcius about 30 minutes, or microwave on High 16 minutes.  (Mine were microwaved – a bit pale and didn’t rise up, but nice and light texture).

Because Baking Blend and Xylitol are expensive I decided to do a costing.  Each loaf cost approximately $9.  Not bad considering what you would pay to buy one from a bakery!


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