Welcome to Lenabosa Farm,
Amberley, Christchurch, North Canterbury, New Zealand.

Having skin sensitivity, eczema and psoriasis in our own family led us to create a range of effective, natural, high quality skincare products.  Having an interest in making natural products also led us to investigate making herbal balms, massage oils and other bodycare products. We have carefully sourced all ingredients, only using quality nourishing plant oils, local beeswax and honeydew, and the finest quality essential oils. We are proud to present our range of natural products for you to enjoy.
Trim Healthy Mama
The quest for vibrant health extended into diet also, and I began reading and researching what makes a healthy diet. Naturally, herbs were researched, and I began drinking herbal teas. I discovered the difference between “good” and “bad” fats, and that sugar (hidden in most processed foods) was a major factor in obesity and failing health. I began making my own cultured foods, as I discovered the benefits of probiotics. Along the way I came across the Trim Healthy Mama way of eating, which made sense with all my accumulating knowledge of health. (See my blog post for more information on the THM plan). I lost 14kg, and became the weight I was as a teenager, and had never hoped to be again! I enjoyed the delicious foods allowed on the THM plan, and decided to stock those hard-to-get-in-NZ items which give the plan more variety and which up until now everyone had to import for themselves.
I now keep stocked a one-stop shop for Trim Healthy Mamas – or others who would like to eat these healthy and delicious foods. My ever-growing recipe files are here to help you find new and exciting healthy foods to make.
I would like to wish you all the best in your journey to a natural, healthy lifestyle.

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