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Quite some time ago I discovered Bulk Herb Store teas.  I love the chunky, natural dried herbs and fruit that make up these teas.  I am always wary of the herbal teas I buy here in New Zealand, which have “natural flavours”.  What am I drinking, exactly?  The Bulk Herb Store teas are just organic herbs, spices and tea leaves, with some varieties offering dried berries and fruit.  The colours are vibrant, making the teas look gorgeous.  The flavor does not disappoint, cinnamon teas are some of my favourites – warm and comforting, especially with a swirl of cream added.  For pure indulgence I zap the hot, brewed, creamy tea in my blender with a spoonful of whey powder and a dash of Sweet Blend added – and there I have a creamy, frothy, sweet chai latte – with no horrible syrup!


above: Herban Apple Pie Tea

Herbs have an abundance of vitamins and minerals, which are more easily digested and absorbed by your body than supplements.  Choosing a variety of teas and smoothie powders each day you can vastly increase the natural vitamins and minerals you are consuming, in a pleasant, relaxing, and hydrating manner.  With no tannins or caffeine, you can sip away guilt-free, increasing your water intake at the same time.  I prefer hot drinks to cold, and find it difficult to drink the recommended 6 – 8 glasses of water per day to prevent dehydration and promote good health.  Water is so important!  As I don’t particularly enjoy hot water on its own, herbal teas are my way of overcoming this problem.  Having a variety of flavours helps me to drink enough every day.

I am very excited to share these teas with everyone!  Because they are loose tea you need to steep them in a tea strainer in the cup, or a good old-fashioned teapot.  I had a look around for cheaper teas in New Zealand, but found the prices much the same – and nobody else seems to have the beautiful, chunky, spicy teas that I love.  Over the next few weeks I will be adding teas and smoothie powders to the stock in my webstore.

The smoothie powders are packed full of vitamins and minerals – just powdered organic herbs, they are easy to mix into any smoothie you like, to add a powerful boost to your health.  With several different varieties to choose from, you can add a good range of nutrients to your diet effortlessly.

Why not join me for a brew today?



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