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October 24, 2015 lenabosafarm Uncategorized

When looking to improve your health, several factors need to be considered.  Adequate sleep, fresh water, managing stress, and regular exercise all play a part.  But the one I would like to address here is a nutritious diet.  Your diet is simply what you eat.  What you eat is of utmost importance in determining your health – providing energy and nourishment, preventing and treating illness and dis-ease, both now and in the future.  Wholefoods are designed as complete nutrition for us, in contrast to highly processed, artificially fortified, manufactured foods.

Wholefoods nourish our bodies.  Enzymes are present in the raw state to assist digestion.  Fibre is included to help keep the digestive system clean, aid elimination, and provide a friendly environment for our helpful bacteria.  The bacteria in our gut are vital to our good health.  When living in the correct balance, the friendly bacteria keep the harmful bacteria under control, preventing them from causing disease.  These helpful bacteria (also called microbiome, or gut flora) help to digest our food, manufacture vitamins and minerals for us, and play a large part in our immune system.  Fermented foods such as sauerkraut and yoghurt will help keep the gut bacteria healthy.  Wholefoods also provide vitamins and minerals.  Because they naturally exist in synergy with one another, they work together for optimal absorption and assimilation.  Organic foods are higher in vitamins and minerals, and devoid of harmful spray residues.  Eating fresh is best – before deterioration of nutrients sets in.  A balanced diet of the three macro-nutrients – protein, fats, and carbohydrates, plus the micro-nutrients – vitamins and minerals, is necessary for a varied and healthy diet.  Every cell in our body depends on the quality of the food we put in our mouths, for energy to function as they should, to repair themselves, for regeneration and growth.  Our immune system and all other organs will be assisted by clean, nutritious foods making their tasks easier, providing the nutrition they need and not overloading them with toxins.  When our bodies are nourished with wholesome foods we will naturally settle at a healthy weight.  Cravings disappear when vitamin and mineral deficiencies are corrected.  We will feel energised, have the best chance of fighting infections and viruses, and avoid the common chronic illnesses that plague our modern society.

When wholefoods are processed to make packaging and marketing easier, increase shelf-life, and look more appealing to the modern consumer much, if not all, goodness is lost.  Fibre is taken out, causing constipation and a sluggish metabolism.  Vitamins and minerals dissipate, and must be replaced by synthetic versions.  Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are caused when the body cannot digest or assimilate them from the food we eat.  Synthetic vitamins are not well absorbed, and the natural synergy of any minerals and vitamins retained in our food is disturbed, meaning they cannot be assimilated well.  Colouring, preservatives, flavour enhancers, sweeteners, salt and fillers are also added to these manufactured “foods”, so that our bodies no longer recognise them as foods.  Digestion and assimilation of nutrients is disrupted, causing indigestion issues, leaky gut, elimination problems, fatigue, allergies and lowered immunity, which in turn lead to both acute and chronic illness.  Toxins must be dealt with, putting unnecessary strain on the liver and kidneys.  Allergies and intolerances are created when the damaged gut lining leaks tiny particles of food and toxins into the bloodstream, causing an immune-response.  Our microbiome, so essential to our well-being, is assaulted by the antibiotics and preservatives in the foods, as well as pesticide residues on non-organic foods. Acidity and a lack of fibre make the digestive tract less hospitable for these helpful bacteria.  The pathological bacteria are fed by the added sugars, and enjoy the more acidic environment, causing an imbalance in our micro-flora, excreting toxins, and predisposing us to disease.  Hormones are disrupted by the oestrogens in the foods, particularly those containing soy, causing massive problems, as the hormones regulate so many things in the body.  The altered structure of the processed foods can mimic real foods, causing the body to use them where it should not.  For example, trans-fats (created by processing vegetable oils) mimic real fat, and are assimilated into our cells, but they do not act like real fat, so the cells are disabled, unable to function normally.

When our health is a priority for us, we will seek out healthy, organic wholefoods to lovingly nourish our bodies, and shun the unnatural and damaging convenience “foods”.  When we take responsibility for eating well, we will discover what it means to live well, too.


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