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Another great trade from this trader, her products are wonderful, will be back for more, highly recommend to other traders. Cheers

Tydalelady, TradeMe


...Farm Balm

I just want to say this is the most wonderful healing balm ever. I have a pony that gets mud fever and a little eczema. I apply this balm and it's cleared up within a couple of days. I would recommend this balm to everyone. Thanks heaps,

Roxi, TradeMe

This balm is wonderful. I have used it on Rain Rot, cover rubs, plus scrapes and cuts. It prevents scabbing and infection.

Sherrin-Teacher, TradeMe

This is the best balm for mud fever, even better than (a leading brand). I am recommending it to all my friends and clients.

A riding school owner, Christchurch

We used this balm on a goat's udder when she had just come into milk and was very engorged and chapped. It was completely healed up within two days.

Paulette (Lenabosa Farm)

Just wanted to say thank you. My boy had chronic mud fever that I had been unable to clear up in over a year and with various treatments. Within four days of using farm balm I saw an improvement and within 3 weeks it was completely clear. I've since bought a large pot of this miracle cream and it will be a staple in my horses first aid kit from now on. I highly recommend farm balm.

Motherwit, TradeMe

It worked a treat, slowly over a week or two healing our dog's skin damage when steroids and antibiotics did not work.

g.lamb, TradeMe

Great stuff! Excellent for horses and us too, I highly recommend this balm.

hindrenalinenz, TradeMe

My mare jumped the fence awhile back at a friend's house and ripped open front leg. Vet was called in, antibiotics etc, bandaged... But I took bandage off after 5 days and had a good look. I decided manuka honey and calendula, but she licked it off, so on with bandage again (I hate covering wounds). So I took it off and sprayed Hypercal on every day, but it dried too fast. It was healing well, but I just couldn't heal last bit of pink new skin, also no hair grown back. I have now been using your cream and it looks pink and healthy, so I will keep it up till all healed. Will send photos. I also use it on wound on my leg from wire, it's healing great. IT IS VERY SOOTHING AND MY MARE DOESN'T MIND IT AT ALL.

Joanne, Loburn

motherwit (214 )
This stuff is magic! My boys awful mudfever is almost completely healed. It will be a staple of my first aid kit from here on in. Thank you so much and I'm spreading the word amongst my horse girl friends.

motherwit (214 )
This stuff is magic! My boys awful mudfever is almost completely healed. It will be a staple of my first aid kit from here on in. Thank you so much and I'm spreading the word amongst my horse girl friends.

motherwit (214 )
This stuff is magic! My boys awful mudfever is almost completely healed. It will be a staple of my first aid kit from here on in. Thank you so much and I'm spreading the word amongst my horse girl friends.

Eczema Balm

Your balm is a real answer to prayer. Our little four year old girl has been plagued with eczema/dermatitis for the last two and a half years. She used to be a very active and happy little girl who was full of life and energy. Since her skin got bad, she many times can hardly walk. She is often awake for long periods of the night scratching and as parents this is very hard to handle, not being able to find long term relief for her. We have tried nearly everything we can think of. She has been to the local GP into Hospital for test to see if we can detect allergies, and many other things. Even many oils wouldn't work because they would heat up her skin, making her hot, then she would begin scratching again. We have since discovered from Naturopaths that my daughter's skin condition being a result of an imbalance of essential minerals in her body as well as her stomach not working properly. We are now taking steps to right this, but it is very important to be able to find a cream that will give a soothing effect to her skin, while also treating the problem itself, which is creating this reaction in her skin. Your Eczema Balm is the best cream we can get a hold of, it is easy to spread and also fights infections in her skin, when she gets an attack. Thank you for your balm, Paulette, it is appreciated so much.

David, West Coast

So far the Eczema Balm sample has worked magic on my daughter just after using it for 2 days, no other brand of products seem to do the trick like this!

I was wondering if you are thinking about putting this balm on the market - I hope you do, I think it is fantastic!

Tessa, Hamilton

My son loves the sample of Eczema Balm, and would like to buy some more please. He has been using it several times a day, and as he washes his hands a lot when working in the butchery, he finds it moisturises and works as a barrier cream.

Angela, Loburn

...Herbal Healing Balm with Honeydew

The balm worked on the eczema on my ring finger which had flared and I have not had trouble since applying the cream.

Shirley, Wellington

The balm takes the itch out of my eczema, and helps moisturise it. I also use it as a barrier balm before I go swimming, as I used to react to the chlorine.

Sarita, Rangiora

Beautiful product! Lovely to use and the smell is divine.

Fordfreak, TradeMe

I have a friend who bought this product, her son has some eczema on his face. My son has this all over his body sometimes, I put this on the infected part for 2 days and it was fantastic, so I believe this product is really good for him. Could I order 2 jars please.

Kim L, Auckland

Many thanks for an excellent trade, love the healing balm which is pleasant to apply and a delightful scent, A1.

radler3, TradeMe

...Natural Flea Repellent

Wow, this natural flea repellent is a miracle-when I put it on within a day-my dogs stop scratching-awesome stuff-thank you very much.

Wayne, Palmerston North

Thanks for a great trade...we had rather a bad flea problem that has since been dealt with in our house...am applying the oil which is really good! Thanks again!

Johnb12, TradeMe

Great trader, thank you. I have used this flea treatment on our dogs before and it's great stuff. : )

Mox1, TradeMe

...Arnica and St John's Wort Massage Rub

I have Arthritis and found it excellent for all of my sore joints, including the pain I get after my knee replacement. Will be a regular customer and would recommend "lenabosafarm" to anyone who wants to try their items. This is my 2nd item, I have also got the flea one for my pup - just as good. A+++++++++. Thank you for quick delivery and also quick emails, in fact everything you did to help me.

sponge24, TradeMe

I really like the Massage Rub. I have a bad back and also arthritis in my hands, and I find Lenabosa Farm massage rub more effective than my usual brand. It doesn't soak in too quickly, making massage easy, and is very helpful with the aching and pain.

Pamela, Nelson